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Price: Free (Limited use*)
Subjects: All
Grade levels: All
Features: Share and organize bookmarks, screenshots, pictures, docs, etc.
Highlights Sticky notes

Description: Diigo allows users to share and organize bookmarks, screenshots, pictures, documents, audio, bibliography, etc. Users can annotate them by highlighting texts and leaving sticky notes and organize them by assigning tags.
*Free basic plan allows for unlimited bookmarks, 1000/year highlights, and 30 total cashed pages. For premium plans, see

Mobile App Available

Web resource sharing tools introduced here are only ones of high quality, easy usability, and no cost -- to be most beneficial to our survey participants and other learner-centered educators. The descriptions of the tools are current as of December 10, 2012.

Collaboration Tools > Web Resource Sharing





Price: Free

Grade levels: All
Features: Keep and organize bookmarks by tags, Share bookmarks

DescriptionDelicious is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing and discovering web bookmarks. Users can create and organize bookmarks from anywhere through web browsers.


Please leave any suggestions on the existing tools and other resources or anything you want to share.

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