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Technology Tools for Learner-Centered Instruction

Welcome! The purpose of the page is to provide a list of tools that can be used by K-12 teachers for learner-centered instruction. The tools were selected from educational sites and published materials. Click on each group to view details and find the tools that meet your needs. 

Group A. Learner-Centered Management Systems: Khan Academy, Project Foundry, Collaborize, Think Quest, Show Evidence, Compass Odyssey, Edmodo, Schoology, Haiku, My Big Campus, and Open Class

Group B. Learner-Centered Instruction for Specific Subjects: Ford PAS, ALEKS, Dream Box, Wowzers, Write to Learn, Brain POP, PBS Kids, Khan Academy, and Compass Odyssey. 

Group C. Assessment Tools: Quizlet, Class Maker, iRubric, Rubistar, Turn it in, and Dupli Checker. 


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