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Learner-Centered Schools

The spreadsheet presents 330 learner-centered schools, which we identified from published educational Websites (Departments of Education, Edutopia, national school models, school districts, school Websites, and so on). We also conducted an analysis based on the following five criteria of learner-centered schools:

- Personalized learning 
- Attainment-based student progress
- Criterion-referenced assessment 
- Project or problem based learning

- Multi-year mentoring and multi-grade grouping

The schools listed below met at least three criteria based on the descriptions on their Websites. 

The complete findings will be shared in our final report. 

On the spreadsheet below, you may scroll down to view the complete results.

- To download the file, click HERE (Once the file is open, click "File" and select "Download as").

- To view the printed version, click HERE

We encourage you to use the results to network with other learner-centered schools.


Please leave any suggestions or anything you want to share.

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