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Just as the paradigm of education changed from the one-room schoolhouse to the factory model of schools when we transitioned from an agrarian to an industrial society, so the paradigm needs to change again as we transition from an industrial to an information society: Key characteristics of the new learner-centered paradigm of education include changing from a sorting-focused system to a learning-focused system, from teacher-directed to student-directed learning (with teacher guidance), from teacher as “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side,” and much more.

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We believe the learner-centered paradigm should have the following essential features:
- Personalized learning rather than standardized learning
- Attainment-based student progress rather than time-based progress
- Criterion-referenced assessment rather than norm-referenced assessment
- Project or problem based learning
- Multi-year mentoring and multi-grade grouping

In order to identify learner-centered schools in the U.S., describe their instructional and assessment practices, system structures, and technology uses, and share their exceptional characteristics, we have conducted a national survey project. This website has been created to reward our survey participants for their generous involvement in the project.
Our report will be posted on this website as soon as it becomes available.

This website has been created to benefit our survey participants and other learner-centered educators and contains:
- Tech Tools: Learning management systems, instructional resources for specific subjects, assessment tools that are learner-centered

- PBL Resources: Project banks, PBL guidelines & tools, PBL communities, collaboration tools, and tools to create artifacts

- Funding Resources: Funding databases and funding opportunities

- Learner-Centered Schools: A list of learner-centered schools that we identified from various sources

- Discussion Forum: Educators can share their ideas, issues, concerns and many other things.

We are researchers in the Department of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University and have published extensively on the learner-centered paradigm of education. Visit our website:
- Dr. Charles Reigeluth is a professor at Indiana University and the leader of our research group.
- Dabae Lee is in charge of project management and PBL Resources on this Website. 
- Yeol Huh is a co-researcher in the project and in charge of Funding Resources and Discussion Forum on this Website.
- Chun-Yi Lin is a co-researcher in the project and in charge of Tech Tools and Learner-Centered Schools.

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